Three Poems

by Ricky Garni

fire hydrant.jpg

Why Dogs Say Fire Hydrants Are So Important 

They are a different color than the grass.
They are harder than the grass.
They feel different than the grass.
(Still, it feels good to be, and to be
in the grass.)

Sometimes they smell like the urine
of your friends.

Comfort Food

I felt more relaxed
about my money situation
when my financial advisor
led me to a pond
filled with ducks


A Poem About Love and Loss

by e.bay

An item you
are interested in


in 3



Ricky Garni is the author of THE ETERNAL JOURNALS OF CRISPY FLOTILLA, MY FAVORITE FIFTEEN PRESIDENTS, O-POLANSKI and A CONCERNED PARTY MEETS A PERSON OF INTEREST, which will be released this Fall. He works in Carrboro, North Carolina as a graphic designer for a wine company.