Chums with Times You Tingle

by Cal LaFountain

times you tingle.jpg

Mega-value nuggets you possess because of the courage you're having are an I'd say big time major boon!

Proud of you for the doing that you do and what has been done already by the good hands and mind of you!

I remember time before last you spoke to artery trouble, now place upon me an update, how have things become in the land of all of your arteries?

Peer the calendar and tell to me what's in a plan for you to visit too soon if you please can. Meant to ask you about the phone number it is that you have.  Tried calling but something’s messy about it going through. You just let me hear about that as soon as you hear about that, because this screen is one way to keep up, but our voices do it better.

Wellsonowfarasus, I've been thinking a healthy hike is a thing I'd really love to be doing on down the road with you. Had a monarch in me now just pondering that future fact! Maybe an artery of me is also going sick! Never one way to be knowing, and I'm sorry for saying it all and so much and often, but there's just a thing about you you got down and I love that. You're so able to be around people. You check your phone at the right times and only nag the right ones, and...I've just been thinking...and yes: it's still a hike that would be best to discuss all this and maybe more.

I forgot to say about the party! It was for the birthday I had again. Can't trust much but a birthday. I welcomed three pals for the after-party at my place, but before we did up some bowling. Couldn't hit much pins so had The Lane Guy put on some bumpers for me and us and then we did see the scoreboard buzz and splash some of its special lightning! I wished all that night for you to be there and I'm sorry you weren't able. Probably I think you would have bowled super. I have some hunches and a couple thoughts about what you might be good at doing. Hey maybe after the hike we could do some bowling or before! They have these onion rings at the alley, or we could sack some lunch, it's whatever you're wanting to do. By the day of the hike I'm hoping the onion rings I make at home in my own kitchen might be right. I can never get the crust to crunch like the ones at the alley.

Today was one day of many summed moments budding to a summer I'm inside of without you. So when it's all displayed, how might a man you model after try to be? What is it that comes next? Efficiency of choices? Orchestrated opalescence? In the minimum a shedding of the blackest among your habits? Why!? Because otherhow the symptoms escalate and the muscle atrophies and all your best Go’s become your worst Stayed’s and all the certain years change to lumpy pears or slump fruits of squandered couth and you decay to a mere gunk of once distinct clusters and the world slugs on, forward, and through?

I promised I wouldn't sink to it for you. I complete this download on slow Alaskan internet. Packets lodge in the Juneau sky. Sorry about the negative stuff it's just the worm of days erodes my cheer. A dream is a thing to fight about or clutch and the hike with you someday soon is mine. I'll be alright and fine and return to heal in each 24. The future will be a tough carnival rush delivered in plastic-wrapped cubes of priority.

But what stays me is...

I can see...all the way up to the hike now: dark gold air freshifies the night we are together inside. There will be no scab-scratching-booger-munching ruffians there. Just the fresh trees and the nice air. Just hues of green and some of blue and the words between us flowing like they used to. If too specific or if different let me know, or if born and assessed as tremendous in reminiscent conditions. We will show further to each other what it is we so much like and even sometimes have loved. The capacity of this hike will be involved in the second half of the first year of forever! Not everyone has this to praise, so we must bear this journey whether real or perceived. Isn't it a sobering process to actively support a long period of such jumbo anticipation!?

Workwise, broken exploratory policies merged and they cropped amazing records to bland documents of archival gray. Passion swapped to machine clarity. Accession limited and reduced. I tapped the porcelain to clear the razor of the mustache junk I thought to shave in case you're here soon, but now it seems that this action of mine was like trembling repurposed to an observer  as my mess played teacher to extra several lessons of frailty. I know now you made your number different just so it won't take what I say and now how I'm noggining about this is that these things here too your eyes or mind will never read.

My texts stall in the rock and sky, granite and stiff as experience to yield the horrid morphing of hope to splatters and the terms of my hollow shortcut stunned by the non-response of you and from you. Workstation balance over here has not been renewed. The crew of dreams that works me up is not happy or are they obliged to scrub the grime.

One last thing to tell to you that I saw and then gone is where I'll go and stay and reside.

Okay...In the early labor lounge manly hags were lifting potions and sentinel remedies to pull the baby out. I watched this. The child burst from the mom-hole quartered in the new air. Immediately then was how they made the deep be going to shallow, the harm of the whole scene floored to innocent obliteration. A dot plunged into a line of vein then swapped for softer tools.

Stepbrothers and distant sisters wheelchaired the halls. The glossy tiles whispered and lapsed. Sun broke the turquoise doors and new life adorned this rise, for all of them there and for me here too thinking about this hike of us that will never happen, but was nice to one time wonder about as a thing that might.



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